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Vibration test bench vibration test bench vibration tester verticallevel vibration test machine

Vibration test bench vibration test bench vibration tester verticallevel vibration test machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  foshan
  • Brand Name:  ance
  • Model Number:  ACD-50D

Brand safety test ACD-50D type ANCE type mechanical vibration testing machine

Maximum load 40 (KG) vibration direction vertical working table size 400*350*16 (mm)

Active machine power 5 (KW) frequency range 50 (Hz) amplitude 0-2 (mm)

Body size 400*350*16 (mm) 220 power supply voltage (V/HZ) is the custom processing

Applicable to auto parts, electronics, furniture, gifts, ceramics, packaging and other related products vibration test AC-40D series vibration testing machine is a kind of instrument for inspection of electronic equipment and a variety of products, resistant to vibration, the vibration test machine is superior in appearance and function of the design of ordinary vibrator. The machine adopts advanced microcomputer control circuit, can remember the current vibration time, power is not lost, but also can monitor the vibration amplitude. The more its characteristic is, when the machine is shut down or a sudden power failure of the machine will be automatic memory current vibration time, automatic reset, prevent the boot again by impact voltage and burn machine bad phenomenon. At present, with the common defects of vibrator on the market, so the failure rate is very high, the maintenance cost is increased. This machine adopts intelligent digital circuit to overcome and solve the above defects, the work performance of the vibration testing machine is more stable and reliable.

AC-40D type is to improve the new type, add the following functions:

The large screen LCD display rich content: storage of vibration amplitude series (0 ~ 111) from any continuous adjustable.

You can also display: time and current real-time vibration vibration test run time setting.

Complete the automatic start - amplitude series set up in 3 seconds. To overcome this defect of ordinary type! The use of more convenient and reliable!

First, technical parameters

1, maximum rated load: 40Kg;

2, the power supply voltage: 220V/50Hz AC (soil 2%);

3, vibration amplitude monitoring display value: 100% (maximum 111);

4, time setting value: 1 sec 24 hours (display value: 23:59:59);

5, power: 0.9KW;

6, vibration direction: vertical;

7, adjustable amplitude: 0 ~ 2mm;

A:0-15Kg load: 0 ~ 2mm;

B:30Kg-40Kg load: 0 ~ 1.8 mm soil;

8, working table size: 400mm * 350mm * 16mm * W (* L * H);

9, size: 480mm * 450mm * * 300mm (W * L * H);

10, the table can be extended to the size of 500mm * 600mm (custom);

Random accessories

1, a manual

2, fixed screw hook 4

3, a rubber rope

Warranty coverage maintenance and repair

The implementation of one year of free maintenance for life maintenance instructions strictly in accordance with the instructions, the machine by users to the modified or fault caused by the illegal installation operation does not belong to the warranty, users must be responsible for all the consequences.

  • Place of Origin:  foshan
  • Brand Name:  ance
  • Model Number:  ACD-50D
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