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Manufacturers of customized arms drop test Taiwan free drop test machinedouble drop test machine

Manufacturers of customized arms drop test Taiwan free drop test machinedouble drop test machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  foshan
  • Brand Name:  ance
  • Model Number:  ACD-DL001D

An ANCE brand model ACD-DL001D type wings drop test machine

Drop height 300-1500 (mm) test piece maximum weight 65 (or specified) (kg) test piece maximum size (L * W * H) 800*800*800 (mm)

Impact panel size (L * W * H) 1400*1200 (mm) motor power 0.75 (KW) weight 600 (kg)

Applicable standard ISO2248-1972 (E) power 380V/1.5KW (V\A) purpose test product packaging is damaged by the impact of the crash, and to assess the impact strength of the transport handling process

1700*1200*2515 (mm) test method for the drop of the shape and size of the test bench is one of the main purposes of the two arm drop test machine:

Drop test machine for the wings of the product packaging in the simulation of different edges and in different height fell to the ground when the situation, to understand the product damage and evaluation of the product packaging components can withstand in the fall fall height and impact strength. According to the actual situation of the product and the national standard to improve, improve the packaging design.

Two, two arms drop test machine applicable object:

1 drop in the packaging of electronic products.

2 plastic product packaging drop.

3 drop in the packaging of toy products.

4 other finished products such as packaging.

Three, the main characteristics of the two arms drop test machine:

1 test items placed on the wing platform.

2 choose a good way to place: face, edge, angle to make it fixed.

3 height of the digital display, according to the user an arbitrary set of equipment test range of any height;

4 to determine a good height, after the release of the solenoid valve, try a product in an instant to leave the arm free fall.

5 press the "stop button" falling plate with automatic reset function.

Four, to meet the design standards:

Double arm drop test machine is in accordance with JISZ0202-87 ISO2248-1972 GB4757.5-84 (E) and other national standards.

Five, the main technical parameters:

The drop height: 400-1500mm (customizable)

The specimens with maximum weight: 60kg

The height of display: LED digital

The falling plate thickness: 10mm

The fall: Electric

The reset mode: Manual

The test fixture: Mitsubishi, angle, surface

The size of arms; 700*350mm

The base size: 1400*1200*10mm

The impact of the panel size: 1400*1200

The specimen size: 800*800*800

The test bed size: 1400-1200-2300mm;

The drop error: 10mm;

The plane fell 1 degrees error "

The height of the display using a high precision encoder induction

The control box: separate vertical control box, using electrostatic spray paint.

The net weight: 600kg

The motor power: 0.75KW

The power: 380V, 1.5KW

  • Place of Origin:  foshan
  • Brand Name:  ance
  • Model Number:  ACD-DL001D
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